Lawn Care

Weekly Lawn Mowing

Weekly lawn mowing included professional lawn mowing, trimming around all edging, boarders, trees and obstacles. We also include weekly edging along driveways and sidewalks. Once all services are completed, we will clean-up any lawn mowing clippings, and blow other debris from the service off driveways, sideways, decks and patios. We also haul away the grass clipping so you’re not left with a lot of dead grass that would other wise be tracked into your home.

Could you already be cutting your grass too short?

If you’re cutting your lawn shorter than 3 inches, you could be opening your yard up to a whole host of problems. Keep your grass to about 3 to 4 inches tall, and you’ll get:
A thicker lawn
A yard less prone to disease
Fewer weeds
Better moisture retention

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Soil compaction is an enemy of a good healthy lawn. Core Aeration is one of the most cost effective
practices available for a thicker, greener lawn. Our technicians pull thousands of 2-3″ plugs from your lawn with an aerator machine. The plugs are left on the surface of your lawn to break down naturally and return the nutrients
back into the soil. We advise semi-annual aeration in the Spring and Fall for Colorado’s heavy clay soils
Aeration is $35. Vary small lawns or very large lawns may require an estimate. Contact us to set up an appointment.Ask about our 25% fall aeration discount if you sign up for both spring and fall aeration together.*Aeration services are available for both mowing and non-mowing clients.

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The first lawn fertilization application should be applied in early spring in conjunction with aeration and is often called pre-emergent. Pre-emergents helps stop the germinating of crab grass seeds and other type of weed seeds. A second fertilization application should be applied in late spring, which controls weeds and provides essential nutrients to feed your lawn. A third application should be applied in late summer to stimulate growth into fall. The forth fertilizer application should be applied to your lawn in the fall, in conjunction with aeration to ensure that nutrients are provided throughout the dormant months. Pricing for lawn fertilization is $30 per application. Pricing for very small lawns or very large lawns may require an estimate. Ask about our 25% fall fertilization discount when you sign up for more then one application of fertilization. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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Fall / Spring Yard Cleanup